Enjoy true relaxation in a unique design wellness in Žilina

SOHO1 Wellness

Enjoy true relaxation in a unique design wellness in Žilina

Modern design SOHO1 Wellness is a place created for unforgettable moments of well-being, rest and relaxation.

Well-being, mental and physical health is one of the key factors for a happy life.

With us you will regain your strength and inner peace.

What services does our wellness centre offer and what can you find here?

Finnish sauna

A place made for relaxation. The change of heat and cold benefits not only the psyche, but also the body. This traditional Nordic relaxation has beneficial regenerative effects, strengthens immunity in the long term, prevents diseases and relieves fatigue and stress.

Temperature: 80 – 100 °C
Humidity: 10 %

Sauna rituals

Do you want to try something really special and make your sauna experience more enjoyable? Our skilled sauna master will make it extraordinary. By swirling hot air and melting ice with aromatic ingredients, he will take your sauna experience to a completely different dimension than you have ever experienced before.

BIO sauna

An excellent choice for those who love more gentle relaxation and like to combine the beneficial effects of sauna and aromatherapy to increase the feeling of relaxation and relief.

Temperature: 65 – 70 °C
Humidity: 60 %


It is suitable for people who find it difficult to breathe in traditional saunas or have various cardiovascular problems. The temperature in the infrared cabin does not exceed 50 °C. Infrared rays are perceived as heat, have the same wavelength as sunlight and penetrate up to several centimetres under the skin. It penetrates directly into the tissues, muscles and joints, on which it has a healing effect.

Cooling pool

An endless feeling of refreshment and massive stimulation of the immune system. Supports blood circulation in the skin and important impulses for the body's metabolism.

Temperature: 10 – 16 °C


A healing method that works with sub-zero temperatures. This involves either applying ice to painful areas or sitting in an ice bath, or staying in a cryobox where the temperature is below -100 °C. Cold therapy is commonly used for inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, back pain, rheumatism, osteoporosis and arthritis. Also for allergies, eczema and reduced immunity. It helps relieve symptoms of various health problems - chronic fatigue, migraine, insomnia or stress. It is also recommended after heavy sports activity, after certain injuries and as part of recovery after certain surgical procedures.

Private whirlpool bath

We also offer a private hydromassage bath with herbal, fragrant or aromatic oil ingredients of your choice.


Of course, there are also various types of massages, from classic or relaxing to sports.

Visit sauna rituals

Don't miss the special sauna rituals prepared for you daily by our experienced sauna master.











We look forward to welcoming you!

SOHO1 Wellness Team