Ten Commandments for Saunas

  1. We never go to the sauna with a full stomach, but neither do we go hungry.
  2. Before entering the sauna, it is necessary to shower and wash thoroughly with soap, and also dry yourself thoroughly so that perspiration starts more quickly.
  3. It is essential to go to the sauna without a swimsuit, which prevents the skin from heating up properly and could also cause allergic reactions. Use a towel or sheet to cover intimate areas.
  4. Sit comfortably in the sauna or lie down on a sheet. Pad your whole body, including your feet, so that you are not in contact with the wood.
  5. The length of time in the sauna is very individual and varies according to the type, but we generally recommend 10 - 20 minutes. We only stay in the sauna as long as the heat is comfortable.
  6. During the sweating phase, it is advisable to massage the skin of your limbs with a brush or other suitable tools, which helps to open the skin pores and flush out impurities.
  7. After the body has overheated, it is important to cool the body, and to do this gradually, ideally from the limbs towards the heart - there is a jump in blood pressure. The rapid cooling "massages" the internal organs and flushes out impurities and sediments into the bloodstream. Take a shower before entering the cooling bath.
  8. After each warm-up and cool-down, you can take a rest (15 - 20 minutes) or repeat the heat-cool procedure immediately after each other. After the last repetition should come a longer rest (ideally over 30 minutes) in the rest room with replenishment of lost fluids and light refreshments.
  9. The warm-up and cool-down process should be repeated three to four times.
  10. Do not speak too loudly in the sauna and be considerate to others.